Safal Steel is the single largest investment for the Safal Group exceeding R1.5 billion. We are the only producer of Aluminium-Zinc coated products in South Africa – a process that is both capital intensive and dependent on complex modern technology. We also locally manufacture international-quality pre-painted coils, substituting imports and positively impacting the trade deficit.

Our products are ideally suited for Southern African climates and adhere to stringent quality parameters. A proudly South African company, our factory in KwaZulu-Natal supplies coated steel coils to local and global markets, bringing new skills and employment to the area. Furthermore, our corporate social responsibility initiatives focus on local community development.

Our Vision

To be Africa’s premier provider of coated steel coils for roofing and building solutions.

Our Values

S – Stakeholder care with uncompromising integrity 

A – Attitude of gratitude towards community and the environment 

F – Focus on creativity and innovation 

A – Adaptability to the changing business environment 

L – Lively and dynamic work culture

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Our Facilities

Our state-of-the-art coating facility incorporates a pickling line, a cold rolling mill, an Aluminium-Zinc coating line and a colour coating line. A number of support lines and services have also been installed, including an Acid Regeneration Plant, Rewind and Trim Line, a Nitrogen Generation Plant, a Hydrogen Generation Plant, a Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser, an Effluent Treatment Plant and a Sewerage Treatment Plant. These specialist lines and services ensure that Safal Steel meets its environmental charter in terms of emissions and effluent management.

Our Process

Safal Steel purchases Hot Roll Coils (HRC) from a variety of the Safal Group’s current global suppliers. The HRC coils are firstly cleaned through a fully automated Pickling Line to remove any mill scale. The cleaned coils are then Cold Rolled to a variety of gauges ranging from 0.25mm to 0.8mm. Thereafter the coils are once again cleaned and then coated with an alloy of Aluminium Zinc in the metal coating process (55% Aluminium, 43.5% Zinc 1.5% Silicon).

This is sold to our customer base as ZincAL®. A further process involves the painting of the coils, in various paint systems suited for the applicable environment. This is then sold to market as COLORPLUS® or OPTIMA®.

Our Quality

Safal Steel produces coated steel to world-class standards. All our products undergo regular and extensive quality assurance tests during manufacture.

  • Trained quality inspectors are present through production phases
  • Hardness, tensile and yield tests are performed regularly
  • Coating performance is tested, including paint thickness
  • Salt spray testing and UV exposure (artificial weather testing)
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