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ZincAl - Safal steel

Coating Technology AZ vs GI

The features and benefits of Aluminium-Zinc coating technology performance in a nutshell.

Safal_Steel_Product_specification_guidelines- Safal steel

Safal Steel Product Application Guide

A breakdown to the recommended application zones for Zincal® and ColorPlus®, defining different conditions and environments

Safal_Steel_Maintenance_Guidelines- Safal steel

Product Care

For the optimal performance of Zincal® and ColorPlus®, follow these guidelines on care and storage, roll forming, welding, and recommendations on the correct fasteners and accessories.

Communications Park- Safal steel

Recommended Cleaning Procedures

To derive the maximum service life from our Coated Steel sheeting, it is important that the sheeting is regularly cleaned. These tips will help you approach the cleaning of your metal roof properly, and help you avoid inadvertently causing damage.

Safal_Steel_Product_specification_guidelines- Safal steel

Product Specification Guidelines

Product specification guidelines for professionals, in downloadable / copy and paste format. Please ensure that you insert the correct information to ensure your specification is fit for purpose.

SAIA Affilite Member Logo- Safal steel

2021 SAIA Affiliate Member's Certificate

View the current document certifying that Safal Steel is an affiliate member of the South African Institute of Architects (SAIA).

Serving your business

Your business needs the best product with service and support you can rely on. We are here to make sure you succeed. 


Innovation is a cornerstone of our business, allowing us to offer our customers world class aluminium-zinc coated steel made on the most modern coating lines in Africa.

Durability Promise

Our aluminium-zinc coating alloy is the most widely applied technology used worldwide to offer an extended life to coated steel. And our colour coated products provide long lasting beauty to enhance the value of your investment.


We go the extra mile to service our customers, forging lasting partnerships that will ensure shared success.


Our products are designed in Africa specifically for our climatic conditions and unique applications, ensuring that they can be trusted to perform optimally.

Technical Expertise

Our products are backed by a wealth of technical expertise and practical industry experience which is available to all our customers and end users.


We pride ourselves on the support services and expertise we are able offer our customers, our specifiers, and the end users of our products wherever they may be, every minute of every day.